Table mate II has now donned a new avatar in the form of a Table mate. It is one of the finest folding tables available in the market. It can be used for various purposes and is having an outstanding feature of adjusting it in 3 different ways according to your body size and the purpose for which you are using it.

Table Mate Benefits

  • It is very easy to use and is convenient to handle for various different purposes including reading magazines, laptop table, share a drink, snack comfortably in the middle of the trip, solve a jigsaw puzzle and a perfect companion to portable chairs.
  • All you need to do is just slide the table to the horizontal position and use it. The product is highly very flexible and can be conveniently tilted in the direction to suit your needs.
  • Best for small rooms, the table mate takes less space and also be used as a table tray for bed.
  • This plastic table can be folded easily and can be taken anywhere along with you. Be it indoor or outdoor; use it anywhere for various different purposes.
  • Also, storing the table is easy just fold it put it besides your sofa or bed.
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Table Mate Overview

  • Laptop folding table
  • Study desk
  • Reading table
  • Writing table
  • Drawing table
  • For board games
  • Card table
  • Outdoor tray table
  • Patio tray table
  • Serving table

Hot selling Cup folder Clip Use Table Mate

Have you ever dropped your cups down from the table by accident?

Do you feel sometimes that you can hardly find an extra and safe place for your glass on your messy desk? Or do you find your books or magazines are often out of order and need something to organize them?

If these three situations do happen to you, you might need a Cup folder Clip. For this Cup folder Clip, first of all, you can use it as a cup holder. Fix the Cup folder Clip on the side of your table or desk, and you can put most sizes of cups in this cup hold. You do not need to worry that you will spill your water from the glass or coffee in your cup. Besides, it is a good book clip. Clip your messy books or magazines with it to make your tablet look tidier. Of course, if you'd like, you can also use this nice-looking gadget for decoration.

Table Mate F.A.Qs

What is Table Mate?
Table Mate is an outstanding product that can be used for various indoor and outdoor activities. It is a portable table and can be carried anywhere along with you.

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Table Mate 2 Customer's Reviews

It is really the most useful product have ever got for my family. My children dine, study and play on table mate only. Both of them highly appreciate Table mate and I am happy with the purchase.

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